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Dr. Schulz specializes in integrative medicine and offers her patients a variety of therapies including hormone replacement therapies, physical manipulation, nutritional counseling, regenerative injection therapies, and cosmetic procedures.

She believes that symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with us. They indicate something in the body is not functioning optimally and should be addressed. In order for a normal function to be restored, it is important to get to the root cause of symptoms, rather than treating only the symptoms themselves. This is done through lab testing and functional analysis, comprehensive physical exams, nutritional analysis, consideration of mental/emotional stresses, and other factors that may affect the body’s ability to heal. One can think of it like putting puzzle pieces together until finally, the picture becomes clear.

To learn more about Dr. Schulz call our clinic at 971-270-0402. Complimentary consultations are available by appointment.

“I appreciate the word ‘integrative’ when it comes to my practice. I enjoy marrying the best of both worlds– conventional and natural medical therapies. I get good results with this approach, and patients appreciate having options and flexibility with their treatment. My goal is to empower patients to make healthy choices and feel good in their body.”–

Dr. Alison Schulz