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Weight Management

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Excess body fat and distribution affects millions of people and may be due in part to underlying metabolic disorders such as dysglycemia (insulin resistance), adrenal dysfunction, and/or low thyroid hormone. The percentage of the population said to be obese has increased with each decade for the last 50 years or more. Women and lower socioeconomic groups are most affected. Complications of obesity include fatty liver, strain on the joints leading to arthritic disorders, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Obese individuals also have a greater possibility of developing memory problems and cognitive decline, infertility, lowered immune function, pain disorders, and cancer.  Obesity is thought to be associated with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths each year.

Therapy for obesity is primarily diet and exercise based. However, when thyroid, blood sugar, and metabolic disorders underlie or contribute, such abnormalities may be directly addressed with herbs and other natural therapies.  Abnormal blood panels may reveal elevations in fasting blood glucose, elevated insulin, increased cortisol with low DHEA, and deficient thyroid function. Most cases result from a combination of genetic predisposition (epigenetics) and contributory lifestyle practices.

There is a lot of research on supplements and herbal remedies for weight loss.  However, none such research has resulted in the perfect weight loss product.  Instead, herbal and nutritional measures are supportive to dietary and exercise regimens.

Dr. Schulz works with patients to increase their metabolism by creating individual diet and exercise plans.  Testing and ruling out underlying causes for weight gain (food sensitivities, thyroid conditions, insulin resistance, and adrenal dysfunction).  She also provides vitamin injections such as B complex /B12 to help increase metabolic function and energy.  Weight loss is possible and by making healthy lifestyle changes it is easy to maintain.


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