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What is Acne?

Acne is the most common skin condition, it can occur even after puberty for many men and women.  Our skin is a good reflection of what is going on within our bodies.  Adult acne can be caused by multiple factors including hormonal imbalances, elevated insulin, food sensitivities, certain medications, and poor hydration or detoxification.  Depending on the severity, acne can lead to scarring of the skin, not to mention the emotional distress.  The most successful approach to treating any skin condition is to determine and treat the cause.

Key Points:

  • Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands
  • Open comedones are blackheads (oxidized sebum)
  • Closed comedones are whiteheads (pustules)
  • Sebum is the oil your skin produces to protect and moisturize itself
  • Cells lining the sebum canal can overgrow, shed, and clump together blocking the outflow of sebum from the hair follicle, forming a condone
  • Comedones can become inflamed and become painful pimples

Typical Treatment:

Treatment is focused on using your current health symptoms to guide in individualizing your treatment plan.  Natural treatments for acne focus on improving the quality of the oil your body produces and lowering inflammation.  In some cases, palliative therapies may be offered during treatment.  Below is a list of suggestions that can be very helpful in improving overall skin health.

  • Drink at least 60 oz of water daily
  • Avoid simple carbohydrates as much as possible
  • Increase fiber to better regulate blood sugar level
  • Increase essential fatty acids
  • Limit dairy and foods high in iodine, saturated and trans fats
  • Balance hormones
  • Eliminate food sensitivities
  • Supplementation with a natural anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and reduce the likelihood of recurring outbreaks

Treating Acne Scars:

Scars can be successfully treated with chemical peels, micro needling with or without PRP, injection therapies, and topical compounded creams.

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