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Top 10 Ways to Balance Blood Sugar Naturally & Lose Weight

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Balancing your blood sugar is important, not just for preventing insulin resistance, but also for losing and maintaining weight. Lowering insulin also has been shown to affect mood, sleep, appetite control, and prevention of chronic disease including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Try introducing these 10 guidelines into your life and notice how much better you feel in just a couple days!

10 Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar

1) Eat every two to three hours at first. Snacks are great!

2) Include high-quality proteins and fats with every meal: fish, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocado, etc.

3) Absolutely NO sweets before bed.

4) Eat breakfast within one hour of waking and never skip breakfast, even a hard-boiled egg or a handful of almonds is better than nothing.

5) Limit caffeine.

6) Limit grains and dairy, soy, corn, and yeast.

7) Include snacks rich in fat/protein every two to three hours.

8) Do not fast, this actually slows your metabolism and increases cortisol production.

9) Cut out or limit foods with a glycemic index above 55.

10) Always combine carbohydrates with fat or protein.  Try not to exceed a 2:1 ratio of carb to protein.

Start journaling your symptoms. You should notice that you will become calmer, have more energy, and generally feel better within a week or so!

Are you ready to look and feel better?

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