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Month: January 2015

Month: January 2015


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Hard to Poop? Common Causes for Constipation

Not your typical constipation For roughly 15 years, Mary took laxatives or would drink senna tea to treat her chronic constipation. Even with the use of medications and supplements she only managed to have a bowel movement (with great difficulty) on some days. Mary was only 42 years old and sought help from various practitioners for her…

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Acid Reflux

Most of us have seen the commercials for antacids; you know the one which portraits a large man is sitting on a stool in café holding his chest in pain after eating his lunch consisting mostly of fried foods? Then someone comes to the rescue and hands him some antacid and he is instantly better…

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Top 6 Processed Foods to Avoid

Top 6 Processed Foods to Avoid In a time when convenience foods rule, and there are a variety of fad diets to choose from (or be confused by) it is nice to have a basic understanding of what truly is healthy and what absolutely should be avoided.  Have you ever heard the expression, “Shop the…

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