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How to Have a Healthy Heart

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  • Did you know 50% of people, who have had a heart attack, have normal LDL cholesterol. 1
  • Cardiovascular disease currently affects 1 in 3 adult Americans. 2
  • Clinical trials have shown that lowering LDL cholesterol reduces the risk of a cardiovascular event by only 25% on average, meaning that standard drug therapy fails to address 75% of a patient’s remaining or residual risk for cardiovascular events.3

Standard screening for cardiovascular disease is not good enough.

Dr. Schulz offers comprehensive testing to determine overall cardiovascular health and risk assessment.  Even if you exercise, eat well, and abstain from the known risk factors, it is still important to know your cholesterol and inflammatory profiles. Lifestyle certainly plays a key role in keeping you free from cardiovascular disease, but other players that you may not have direct control over such as hormones, genetics, and past environmental exposures can also contribute to increased risk.

While total cholesterol, LDL, and HDL are the standard screening tests, they don’t actually tell us much about what is potentially going on in the vessels.  For more preventive screening consider the previously mentioned testing.  Insurance covers these tests and the out-of-pocket is very minimal, if anything.  If you have any questions regarding heart disease and your risk, don’t hesitate to discuss this with your doctor.

Here are a few heart-healthy suggestions:

  1. Exercise:   Movement flushes out the cardiovascular system, strengthens the heart muscle, and helps metabolically by reducing insulin, the fat-storage hormone, and lowering stress hormones.
  2. High-quality fish oil– Omega 3 fatty acids from eating fish or taking fish oil has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces blood pressure, and may also be preventative against plaque formation.
  3. Resveratrol– prevents the aging-related decline in cardiovascular function. Supports healthy cholesterol levels and lowers inflammation.  It’s mostly found in wine, grapes, peanuts, and some berries including blueberries and cranberries.
  4. Reduce your overall stress- Nature walks or just time outdoors, Yoga, Tai Chi, breathing exercises, meditation, even spending time with a pet will lower stress hormones and support overall vascular and heart health.
  5. CoEnzyme Q10– also known as ubiquinone, CoQ10 has been shown to help strengthen the heart muscle, help with infertility, breast cancer, and diabetes.

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