Avalon Natural Medicine and Aesthetics was formed at the end of 2018 when I decided to merge my two passions, you guessed it, medicine and aesthetics!

As my practice has continued to grow over the past few years I have decided to expand on what I truly enjoy and that has been regenerative medicine and anti-aging.  I absolutely love helping my patients feel better and look their best.  Yes, I still do primary care and I love naturopathic medicine and all of what it has to offer and will continue to serve my patients in this manner.

So Why Aesthetic Medicine/ Anti-Aging?

I chose to focus my practice in healthy aging because I saw my patients struggling with diet and wanting to make the best decisions but with all the information out there, they were having a difficult time figuring out what to do to better their health.  I believe we can all age gracefully and live our lives to our fullest. Our quality of life is just as important as our quantity of life. If hormone replacement, weight loss, reduction in joint pain, and cosmetic procedures make you feel young and radiant again… that to me is medicine!  How we look on the outside plays a huge role in how we feel on the inside.  It is not superficial.  Remember how you feel when you step off the scale 5 lbs lighter than you expected? Remember when someone complimented you on your hair, skin or overall confidence? How does that feel? It is a fact that when people feel good about themselves they make better choices to improve their overall health.  When people feel drab or look in the mirror and don’t like what they see they engage in negative self-talk and often this translates into a poor diet, lack of exercise, mood-altering medications and more.

How do you feel about your aging body?  Hopefully confidant and lovely!


Dr. Alison Schulz