“I initially came in for PRP treatments to help improve my acne scarring and fine lines.  After my first treatment, I thought my skin looked amazing, it was radiant and well.. just younger looking.  That is huge for me because I just turned 45 and I have tried laser, chemical peels, and expensive lotions in the past and have always been disappointed.  What really got me is when my friends and coworkers asked me what I had done because they noticed how good my skin looked. Dr. Alison was great. She answered all my questions and calmed my nerves about getting the injections, which by the way, were not painful.  I liked this office so much I am going to try some of the other services they offer.”

~ Holly B.


“I would highly recommend Dr. Schultz. Since our first meeting a few years back she has always been professional and extremely courteous towards me. She has always made contacting her extremely easy and for that reason alone I will continue to use her as my primary physician. If you want a physician who understands your individual uniqueness and problems she is the one to go to!  On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best, she rates a 10.”

-Jay R.


“Alison was tremendously helpful to me in dealing with peripheral neuropathy. She listens well, explains things clearly, and investigated a few different paths toward treatment. She’s also very pleasant and easy to communicate with. Highly, highly recommended!”



“Having Alison as a Doctor has been very refreshing! I’ve dealt with chronic pain my entire life and I have never felt like I was being taken seriously. Alison is a great listener and I feel like she’s willing to work with me and try new things that better fit my needs.”



“When one has burned out with Western medical slaves to big pharma and needs a knowledgeable, professional, insightful, and competent provider, Dr. Schulz is the perfect fit. Very attentive and pragmatic. Friendly with a grand sense of humor and a healing soul that projects confidence and a safe spot to heal.  She shares the practice with a few other specialized providers, so plenty of options are at a patient’s disposal in one spot.”

Well worth the drive from the coast to get competent medical care.”



“Dr. Alison is one of the most knowledgeable care providers I have ever come across. She treats her patients with time and care as if they are an extension of her own family. Add in her easy going yet assertive temperament and you have one of the best care providers in the Portland Metro. In addition, she takes all sorts of insurance…a huge plus given the crazy world of insurance these days.”



“I have struggled with immune system issues and fibromyalgia for over 10 years now. And regardless of how many doctors I went to they never took the time to thoroughly investigate my complaints. Dr. Schulz took the time to run tests that were out of the box. She also took the time to consult with experts in the field to verify her suspicions. I have never had the opportunity to work with such a thorough compassionate and thoughtful practitioner. She is very dedicated to her clients and will stand by your side until you get the answers and healing that you seek. As a result, I am finally on the road to recovery and have a sense of hope for improved health. All thanks to Dr. S!”



“I had been plagued by digestive issues for years, as well as some other minor health issues. When my primary care doc didn’t seem to be able to figure it out, I made an appointment with Dr. Schulz. She was extremely thorough and discussed my concerns with me, and hit the nail on the head with what was going on. She explained to me that to be healthy would require me taking an active role in treatment, and did not want to just give me a supplement or pill to fix things. Rather, Dr. Schulz went to the root of the problem to correct long-standing imbalances in my body.

Her office is warm and welcoming, and while appearing professional and clean it does not look like a typical white-walled doctor’s office. Dr. Schulz has a great “bedside manner” and is personable. I highly recommend her!”



“Dr. Alison is very personable, I always leave her office feeling better, armed with a detailed plan to keep on track to wellbeing.  She is a compassionate listener, considering all the factors of life that could be affecting my health. I am confident that if something unusual presents, she will find a solution and when I present my thoughts or ideas to a health concern, she is already researching it as we converse.

Dr. Alison considers MY opinion about MY body – which is extremely important to me.

One added bonus is her osteopathic knowledge and experience. Doc has gently manipulated my joints back into use after a fall, several times.  Dr. Alison is truly a holistic naturopathic doctor, who is not afraid of blending western medicine if necessary.

Thanks, Doc! So glad I found you!”

– June


“I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. Alison Schulz. She is very down to earth. I feel like I could talk to her about anything. She always provides solutions to my problems and cures for my ailments. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

– Angela J.


“Excellent at what she does. Very intelligent, many credentials, and excellent bedside manner.  I highly recommend Dr. Schulz!”

-Jason A.

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