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Insurance +
What to Expect

We are in-network with following insurance companies, though coverage may vary.

If your insurance is NOT listed here call 971-270-0402 to find out if you may have coverage or out-of-network benefits:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Regence)
  • MODA
  • Any Insurance which has Open Network/Open Option allowing you to see any provider
  • Providence

We provide courtesy insurance billing, but it’s up to you, the patient/representative/guardian to determine insurance coverage. You can check your own insurance benefits by calling the number located on the back of your insurance card.

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What to bring to your first appointment:

Your completed new patient intake form and clinic policies. You can print them out, complete them, and bring them in with you to your first visit. If you don’t have access to a printer just come in a few minutes early and fill them out in the office.

  • Any recent or pertinent medical records you have including labs or imaging reports. You can either bring these with you or have them sent.
  • Bring all medications and supplements you are currently taking or a complete list including amounts and dosages of each.
  • Your insurance card and identification if you are billing insurance.

Patient FAQs

Yes, we are currently offering telemedicine for new and existing patients due to the COVID pandemic. In the future, telemedicine will continue to be an option only if the patient has been seen in person by the doctor and will have to continue to be seen in person at least once per year.

Office Policies:

I rarely believe it’s in the best interest of my patients to rely on chronic narcotics or sedatives, and thus infrequently prescribe them. If you come to me on chronic narcotics or sedatives I will work to decrease your dose to the lowest tolerable level.  Additionally, for both of our safety, I require a signed contract and random drug testing for continued prescribing.  By law, these medications cannot be refilled over the phone.

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